Garrett Jones


Garrett Jones is a 4th year senior in the Electrical Engineering major at UWB. He has been with
the club since June 2018 where he started as an electrical design engineer and interim Vice
President during the 2018-2019 competition year. He was elected to the position of President in
June 2019, where he still finds time to work on projects on the Electrical team. He has a passion
for Power Electronics applications in Aerospace and unmanned Rover operations.

Bradford Halter

Technical Director

Bradford Halter is a Senior majoring in Mathematics. He first joined TrickFire Robotics to work
on implementing their autonomous system, focusing on navigation through computer vision and
sensor fusion. Other areas that he has contributed include manufacturing several iterations of
the robot as well as the navigational aid, which is a physical anchor for the software system. His
main goals for the ’19-’20 are maintaining the high level schedule in order to keep a fluid team
dynamic and build a strong, positive community for future students.

Francis Ho

Executive Assistant

Francis Ho is pursuing to be a mechanical engineering major and is in their Sophomore year. His
hobbies are soccer, paintball, and sleep. His current goal is to get into the major and graduate
college. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends whenever he gets a chance to.

Alex Young

Finance Director/Treasurer

Alex is a Business Management Information Systems in his Senior year at UWB. I am very
interested in quadcopter racing, building, as well as TrickFire. He has been very interested in
Learning about AI and Neural Networks and their use in our everyday lives.


Josaiah Clark

Mechanical Co-Lead

Josaiah is a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and has an interest in manufacturing and
materials science. His goals for TrickFire’s mechanical team are to increase efforts toward
implementing best practices in engineering design and to improve upon TrickFire’s assembly
procedures so that new members can be more involved during build season.

Jason Ginos

Mechanical Co-Lead

Jason is a Junior in the Mechanical Engineering major. He has been a member on the TrickFire team since
2018. He enjoys applying the knowledge he learns in class to solve real-world engineering
problems in a team environment. Jason aspires to work in the aerospace industry, specifically on
space-based engineering problems.


Carla Colaine

Software Co-Lead

Carla Colaianne is a master’s student in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Her
current interest are in Robotics and Computer Science Education. Her goals are to continue to
grow in her development and teaching skills while working as a Teaching Assistant through the
master’s Program. In her free time, she loves to read a good book, bake, or spend time with her


Ethan Lampere 

Electrical Co-Lead

Ethan Lanphere is a senior in the Electrical Engineering department seeking a BS degree. He
joined the club in the summer of 2018 looking for hands on experience and became the EE team
lead in the summer of 2019. Ethan hopes to be able to work in the space industry in the future



Electrical Co-Lead



Jon Hall 


Daniel Mamaghani


Michael Vaschillo


Melody Behdarvandian