Software Team

The TrickFire robotics software development team is responsible for developing autonomy for our mining robot. The team is split into two different groups working on the autonomy of both mining and navigation in order for the robot to be able to maneuver in any type of environment.

Learning Curve

There is a steep learning curve for the software team, but we are willing to accept all who have a desire to learn, regardless of their skill level. We are also are willing to help new members build their skills and confidence by mentoring them through the projects that we have going on. 

Why Join The software Team

Trickfire provides the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary industry grade project. It is a great place to develop your skills while working in a safe and fun environment. The software team is always looking for new ways to improve our code base and is constantly striving to achieve new goals, so working with us always provides something new and interesting to work on

Tools and research

Robot Operating System is an open-source free middleware for Robotics. 


The primary goal of the software team is to have the robot be able to navigate autonomously. The team has three study point for successful autonomy: localization, path planning, and obstacle detection to reach a location goal.

Localization is having cameras identify a fiducial marker in order to determine the position and orientation of the robot. In order to achieve this, we will be using an IMU, specifically a 4K camera, and encoder counts to determine where the robot has traveled

Path Planning is done using navigation stack. The parameters of our navigation stack need to be tuned and tested in order for the robot to autonomously find the optimal path to take to the goal destination and execute it.

Obstacle Detection work is being done with the intel realsense to develop an algorithm for identifying both positive and negative obstacles that we will need to avoid during our navigation.

Mining for the robot consists of having the robot excavator arm be able to dig through the BP1 and dump it off to the side in order to reach the regolith bits.

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